Holidays and WiFi

Today start two good things for me: WiFi is back after three and a half week and my holidays start for the next two months.
Hopefully I’ll find the time to do all the assignments I missed and learn all the technical stuff 🙂

To smuggle into the library

There are different kinds of libraries at university. In most of them its forbidden to take anything to eat or drink inside, except water. You are also not allowed to take your jacket or you bag inside. Actually I don’t know why but its a fact written on the door, big and loud. Weiterlesen

Píšu knihu

I’m learning czech. Not really good but I try. When we had an excercise with the word knihu [book] I couldn’t remember the czech word for reading but for writing so I choose to say „Píšu knihu“ [I’m writing a book]. After some lessons we should discribe what we’ll do on weekend and again I said I’ll write a book.
Some days ago one of my fellow students just asked me how it works. I was confused. He answered: „You said you’re writing a book, so how does it work?“

Wirbelwind im Kopf / Whirlwind in my head

Allthough it was stormy I met a fellow student to learn at university. There were loads of exercises we had to handle with and both of us weren’t well prepared. So sometimes we just talked about other stuff like studying, finishing and time after university. His attitude set my mind at rest. He likes to have a job just to have one. The main thing for him is to have enough time to do things he likes, e.g. short movies. Just a few word, nearly said incidentally, gave me new drive as if the storm pushed it directly into my head and whirled up my mind. I went home with a spring in my steps through the rain and there’s still a whirlwind in my head. Thanks.

Trotz des stürmischen Wetters traf ich mich am Samstag zum Lernen in der Uni mit einem Kommilitonen. Wir hatten einen ganzen Batzen an Aufgaben und beide nicht so ganz den Durchblick. Also schweiften wir ab und zu vom Lernstoff ab und unterhielten uns, schließlich kannten wir uns eigentlich noch gar nicht. So kamen wir auch zum Thema Studium allgemein, Abschluss und was danach kommen soll. Er hatte da so eine wunderbar entspannte Einstellung, die gleich beruhigend auf mich wirkte. Er wolle einen Job haben, um einen Job zu haben. Hauptsache er habe nebenbei noch genug Zeit, um seine Sachen zu machen, z. B. Kurzfilme. Es waren nur ein paar Sätze, wie nebenbei geäußert, die mir neuen Schwung verliehen, als wäre der stürmische Wind von draußen direkt in mein Motivationszentrum geströmt, um dort alles aufzuwirbeln. Beschwingt ging ich durch den Regen nach Hause und noch immer wirbelt es in mir. Danke.

Bad luck: Now WiFi-less

This week while the blogging class just began my wifi-contract ended so there’s no more WiFi at home and the new one will take two to four WEEKS! Don’t know if its only in Germany but its quite a long time and I realise how much time I spend in the Internet:

I had a „earworm“ (catchy sond) in the morning and just wanted to tipp it in my mobile to listento it,

Wanted to send a letter and didn’t know how much weight is allowed,

Watch a Movie in the evening,

And much more…

I feel kind of handicapped. Maybe I should use these weeks and change my life, make it more analogue, organise better (when do I need to be connected with the internet).

Anyway, can’t change it. Maybe my life is healthier for two week because there is no WiFi-radiation in my flat…

Who I am and why I’m here

This blog should be about some thoughts and happenings. Nearly everyday there is something what makes me smile and I’d like to collect these events and share them instead of complaining about stupid things.

And a little explanation to my blog’s title: Its the German word for sweet temper or gentleness, meekness. But you can seperate it into two parts: sanft which means gentle or soft and mut which means courage or bravery. Of course in this case mut is only a suffix to make a noun out of an adjective (like -ness in English) but I like to see both parts.

(Please forgive me mistakes, English is not my mother tongue… please feel free to correct my mistakes!)
In diesem Blog möchte ich Gedanken und Erlebnisse sammeln, die mir gefallen und vielleicht auch anderen eine Freude bereiten können. So möchte ich mich selbst an das Gute jeden Tages erinnern, statt mich über Kleinigkeiten zu beklagen und beschweren.