Who I am and why I’m here

This blog should be about some thoughts and happenings. Nearly everyday there is something what makes me smile and I’d like to collect these events and share them instead of complaining about stupid things.

And a little explanation to my blog’s title: Its the German word for sweet temper or gentleness, meekness. But you can seperate it into two parts: sanft which means gentle or soft and mut which means courage or bravery. Of course in this case mut is only a suffix to make a noun out of an adjective (like -ness in English) but I like to see both parts.

(Please forgive me mistakes, English is not my mother tongue… please feel free to correct my mistakes!)
In diesem Blog möchte ich Gedanken und Erlebnisse sammeln, die mir gefallen und vielleicht auch anderen eine Freude bereiten können. So möchte ich mich selbst an das Gute jeden Tages erinnern, statt mich über Kleinigkeiten zu beklagen und beschweren.


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