Bad luck: Now WiFi-less

This week while the blogging class just began my wifi-contract ended so there’s no more WiFi at home and the new one will take two to four WEEKS! Don’t know if its only in Germany but its quite a long time and I realise how much time I spend in the Internet:

I had a „earworm“ (catchy sond) in the morning and just wanted to tipp it in my mobile to listento it,

Wanted to send a letter and didn’t know how much weight is allowed,

Watch a Movie in the evening,

And much more…

I feel kind of handicapped. Maybe I should use these weeks and change my life, make it more analogue, organise better (when do I need to be connected with the internet).

Anyway, can’t change it. Maybe my life is healthier for two week because there is no WiFi-radiation in my flat…


2 Gedanken zu “Bad luck: Now WiFi-less

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