To smuggle into the library

There are different kinds of libraries at university. In most of them its forbidden to take anything to eat or drink inside, except water. You are also not allowed to take your jacket or you bag inside. Actually I don’t know why but its a fact written on the door, big and loud.Of course students love breaking rules. So me. But I’m not the only one. When I started studying I was shocked when I saw somebody calling with his mobile (which is also forbidden). Later on I recognized some chocolate bars. I though its ok… But students are really clever. Suddenly I saw somebody with his coffee mug and my personal highlight is the boy with the croissant.

Today I’m sitting in the library with my basket on the sill. When a girl came to the window to close it she looked accidentely inside and just gave we a smile because of the chocolate being partly hidden by my scarf.


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