Today may not be a good day to buy a bus ticket

Yesterday Glynis wrote about „6 signs that today may not be a good day to buy a lottery ticket„. I had to think a little time till something came to my mind how a bad day in my life starts.
Today I guess the bus driver ignored all signs.

We were on the way to the cabaret. When we thought we missed the bus we saw it was caught up in the traffic jam. My lungs cursed my lack of physical training. We got it. The bus driver was a little bit nervous, asked the passengers to get in more quickly. The bus was full, in his oppinion overloaded. He asked for help via radiocommunikation and for a break. After six station he had 10 minutes delay. After 16 station the bus stopped at a traffic light. And we heard the driver saying „And now my bus doesn’t start“. Murmur in the bus. „And the doors doesn’t open“. More murmur. He managed to open the door and allowed us to exit. Cursing and murmuring passengers left the hopeless bus driver. We wished him good luck. He needed it.
We had to take the bike for the last 2,5 km. So we arrived sweating and with cold hands. I guess the bus driver sweated much more.


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